What services does Fast Flame Profiling offer?

We offer a wide range of steel services, including laser cutting, high-definition plasma cutting, profile cutting, guillotining, CNC bending, drilling and chamfering.

What is the top benefit of laser cutting?

Laser steel cutting offers unparalleled accuracy and speed, producing steelworks with the highest-quality finishes.

What types of drilling services does Fast Flame Profiling provide?

Our team specialises in three different types of drilling services: namely, countersinking, tapping and nibbling. We offer these services in line with the specifications set out by our customers.

What is the maximum thickness that can be processed through profile cutting?

Our 5 flame cutting machines can process carbon steel sheets as thick as 30cm.

What is the maximum sheet size that can be processed with high-definition plasma cutting?

Our 3 high-definition plasma cutting machines can process and cut sheets as large as 13000mm x 3000mm.

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