The What & Why of Chamfering Metals

Chamfering is often the final step of the process of steel profiling and cutting. It is a necessary step in most metalwork projects whereby a groove or furrow is created on the finished part, smoothing it into a particular angle.

More often than not, chamfering is conducted alongside deburring, which removes rough edges from the part that is being shaped.

Let’s take a look at why chamfering is a necessary part of the production process, and how it is conducted in steel services.

What is Chamfering?

Chamfering involves the use of a chamfering machine to shave the workpiece down, generally shaping its edges to a 45-degree angle, at a depth of around 1/8 inches.

These measurements are not set in stone, however, and will depend on the specifications for the final product, and how it is intended to be handled and used.

Additionally, chamfering can sometimes be done by hand, but doing so often lacks the efficiency, consistency and precision offered by a machine.

Why Chamfering is Important in Steelworks

There are a number of reasons why chamfering is important. Beyond giving a polished, detailed sense of style to a finished workpiece, chamfering also renders the finished object a little safer to handle.

This is because the process removes and smooths sharp edges on the object being worked on, to a particular angle, so that they pose no risk of snagging or cutting when being handled or used.

While chamfering offers this practical functionality, the process can be finished off for aesthetics using a process of deburring. Using this process, the finished work has the chamfered angle smoothed out to remove any visible rough surfaces.

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