The Difference Between Plasma & Flame Cutting

It is often wandered what the differences between flame cutting and plasma cutting is. In the below paragraphs we will have a look at both methods.

Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is a method of thermal cutting using oxygen and fuel to create flames with enough energy to melt material. The use of the fuel and oxygen in this process is often referred to as “oxyfuel cutting”. Flame cutting uses natural flame to warm up the material to its required temperature. When the material is heated, the operator will then press a lever that releases another steam of oxygen to the flame. This is to sever the material and blow the molten metal away.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is also a thermal cutting process. However, unlike flame cutting, it utilizes an electrical arc to heat gas to form plasma used to cut the material. The work is made to be part of an electrical circuit with the torch using a grounding clamp. A variety of gases can be used for this process, and the best depends on the material that is being cut.

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