The Benefits of Countersinking

What is countersinking?

Countersinking is a practice of fabrication that creates a coned-shaped hole in order to allow a bolt, screw or rivet in. This is done so that the device inserted sits flush with the rest of the metal, and the sink is created in the hole that is made.

The result of countersinking is similar to the method of standard screw opening. For example, the way the hole is cut is the same and there is only one great difference; the top of the opening, a specific piece cuts a bigger hole and this is what allows the screw to sit even with the surface.

The benefits of countersinking

Countersinking offers a range of benefits. Firstly, it allows manufacturers to create smoother finishes to their fabricated products without the top of the screws sticking out. This does not only improve the appearance of the finished product, but also offers structural advantages. With a flush fastener, the screws are covered and protected increasing their structural lifetime.

Another advantage of the countersinking method is that is prevents exposing harsh corners. When cutting the hole, the sharper the angle of the cut, the sharper the edge will be. The cone-shaped hole created by this method created a wider angle, resulting in minimal sharpness.

Through the countersinking process, another feature is that the materials


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