Greater precision and a cleaner cut

Laser cutting is a precise method of cutting steel, which involves a focused beam of laser light that melts burns or vaporizes metals. It is able to achieve precise cuts with a quality finish. When it comes to precise methods for cutting steel, laser cutting cannot happen. The process involves a focused beam of laser light that will burn or vaporize metals. Through the process of computer numerical control (CNC) machining, laser cutters are capable of producing intricate and precise cuts with a quality finish.
What is good about laser cutting?
Minimum distortion: the levels of precision and the quality of the edges achieved in steel plates up to 25 mm thick with laser cutting machines are superior to traditional cutting methods, since the laser beam will not wear out during the process Laser cutting.

Economical use of the material: laser cutting machines will allow narrow cuts and closed nesting, ensuring the efficiency of the material and reducing product waste.

 Computer generated: the entire process is monitored by the computer program, which not only makes the cut extremely accurate, but its algorithm ensures that the machine is not overloaded with work

Work smarter, not harder: using a laser cutting machine uses lower energy consumption, which reduces production costs.

No contact process: the laser beam never touches the metal plate with which it works. It melts and cuts through the heat of the beam. Damage to the plate is minimized, with smooth edges and little groove.

Versatile: laser cutting machines are incredibly versatile, no matter how complex or complex your design. It can be used to record anything from simple shapes to highly complex designs in one piece. Laser cutting also allows machine operators to cut small diameter holes with multi-part details and smooth edge quality in the sheet, plate, tube or box section.


Fast and easy to repeat: the production time is fast and with a reduced time for configuration, the machine has the ability to react or adapt quickly to changes in production needs


Why is there a need for laser cutting?

With the demand for innovative manufacturing and production processes worldwide rapidly increasing, the need for safer and more efficient cutting techniques also increased.


Laser Cutting Services are designed to produce products of the highest quality and provides us with the ability to work with the utmost accuracy.


Fast Flame Profiling has been in business for almost 30 years, making us one of the longest standing steel service centers in the country and as such becomes the best option for laser cutting services.


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