Flame On

Employing a workforce upwards of 150 skilled people all trained in the field of steel profiling & cutting services including laser cutting, HD plasma cutting, guillotining, profiling, CNC bending, de-coiling, drilling, chamfering/beveling, and light fabrications.  Operating on a 24/7 basis. Fast Flame is the ideal partner and go-to in times of short deadlines and large orders. With a 51% BEE shareholding operating in Germiston, Fast Flame began its journey in 1991 and has since then witnessed and been through a lot first hand and is no newcomer to change.

Why Choose Us

Fast Flame has come to learn and understand the market through and through.

We push hard in order to meet your deadlines. Whether you are deciding on a project, requiring machinery specialized for a specific job, completing a job, running late on a deadline or just seeking that extra bit of precision we offer steel services of all kinds in any shape or form regardless if it’s for industrial or commercial use or for home décor and jewellery design.

Let us do it for you. 

The cream of the crop

What sets Fast Flame Profiling apart from other steel services providers is our dedication and reputation that we have displayed and received for the past 28 years puts us above the rest.

With our 20 000 square meters of facility open around the clock. And our plethora of the very latest cutting edge, machines tools and specialized steel working services we pride ourselves on only the very best of results. And our history shows just that.

Operating on a 20 000 square meter facility there is no job too big or too small for Fast Flame Profiling, there is however limitations and restrictions to what we can do regarding lengths, weight, thickness and width profiles.

Which can all be found by following the hyperlink above and view our website for any and all queries, Fast Flame Profile; the leaders in steel profiling and cutting services.

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