How Computer Numerical Control Is Changing The Game

Laser Cutting Technology

Steel cutting services come in a wide range of different techniques, with laser cutting technology being a major, much more convenient, technique.

Laser cutting is a process which uses laser technology which will be able to easily cut through flat sheet metal.

The laser either melts, burns or vaporises the metal and is able to be programmed using CAD in order to cut specific materials in a certain way from the designs.

Laser cutting, in terms of steel cutting services, is a cost-saving form of cutting and developing metals as an alternative to more specific and pricey systems.

This system provides a highly effective output and has been one of the major techniques in steel cutting services for a long time.

On top of this, laser cutting is helpful in limiting the amount of wastage that can be created during metal cutting processes.

Laser cutting cuts metal leaving cleaner edges as well as ensuring that the metal doesn’t warp or distort during the process.

Specialised steel working also helps in terms of decreasing the need for labour as well as the overall operational costs.

Steel cutting services, such as laser cutting, use the computer numerical control (CNC) programming in order to cut metal in a much more specific and streamlined way.

CNC services are changing the way metal, and plastic, is being designed and developed as the process is not only highly efficient, decreases the time it takes to complete the task and requires less manual labour, it also creates designs which are identical.

The fact that it is identical means that your manufacturing processes are not going to have to take away the wastage or the defects as there aren’t going to be any.

CNC services have a multitude of different processes within the one system and when doing such laser cutting, this is helpful as they are able to turn metal into virtually any shape, where in the past it was seen as impossible.

Wastage is an important factor in any business and the steel cutting services industry is no different.

When working with metal, especially in abundance, you want to get your production as close to perfect as possible.

Mistakes happen when individual errors occur, leaving you with a wasted metal sheet which could have been converted into the product, therefore being sold.

This is where specialised steel working, in terms of CNC, steps in as flawless results time after time, highlights why this system is a huge benefit.

Alongside this, CNC services also decrease the number of accidents that can happen as risks are limited when there is no real need for manual labour to be a part of the laser cutting process.

What Is CNC Bending?

Steel cutting services go beyond just cutting metal sheets into smaller sections, the process is quite complex and yet, because of technology, it has become one of the most simple and safe practices in the metal works industry.

Having said this, there are times when accidents do occur, however, thanks to the invention of CNC Bending, as well as CNC operated machines, the frequency of accidents happening,  is decreasing as we speak.

Specialised steel working can take many forms but the premise is that by being able to programme a machine, such as laser technology, to perfectly craft a design into reality without the need for manual labour to assist, apart from a skilled worker who is programming the device, more products can be made in a shorter time.

CNC Bending services are able to manipulate the metal sheet into a creation such as a cone, pan or angles with 100% accuracy and output.

Fast Flame Profiling uses this CNC Bending technology as they work 24/7, week in week out, providing their clients with a fast service, which is also reliable and of high quality.

Advantages Of Using CNC Machinery

When talking about the metalworking industry, precision is a major focus as putting out products which are perfectly designed will promote the reliability and efficiency of your business.

CNC Bending services are ensuring that businesses are being provided with the highest quality products, all streamlined and identical.

CNC Bending services provides trust between your business and the machine as being able to work with the device for longer periods of time, churning out high-quality items and getting your products out the door will create a highly productive work environment.

Fast Flame Profiling chose to spend money on CNC Bending machines as they understood that the more effective their production is, the more effective they can make your business.

They are able to produce top-notch parts, in a shorter amount of time and without the hassle of having to give the machine frequent breaks.

With a wide variety of functions, CNC Bending is able to develop items and parts without having to move from one machine to another, everything can get done in one space, with the only time the part being moved is to start working on another one.

CNC Bending services are out of this world as it is not only making the metal and steelworks industry work faster, but it is getting your products to you in a shorter time.

The device is allowing both supplier and client to have a win-win relationship.

As mentioned above CNC Bending services limit the amount of labour you will need in the production process, which will see a decrease in the labour costs overall.

Adding to this, the labour you do have can be used to focus on other facets of the production and development process, making your business even more efficient.

The money that you have for not needing to have so much labour can also be used for other parts of the production needs, building a much more fluid and open experience for your business and staff.

CNC Bending services create products which look the same, helping in distributing products which will provide the same functional needs no matter what.

Another added benefit for these CNC Bending machines is that they are very durable and require low maintenance compared to more conventional machines.

Repairing costs will decrease and finding a CNC Bending services provider is simple, with Fast Flame Profiling using this machine in order to expand the number of products they can create for you.

Fast Flame Profiling has always focused on being a business which will use the new and advanced technology with open arms as they understand that as technology improves, so will the efficiency of production.

Disadvantages Of Using CNC Machinery

With everything in our lives, there are positives and negatives, even with state of the art technology, CNC Bending is no exception.

The one disadvantage is that where CNC Bending is able to do a lot in terms of cutting and manipulating steel, they cost quite a lot of money compared to more conventional machines of the past.

Although this may be true, with the initial cost being high, after purchasing a CNC Bending machine you will see that your operational costs will start to decrease as with the above mentioned, less need for labour as well as lower maintenance.

There is an overall social and economic disadvantage that CNC Bending services can create, whereby the less need for labour can mean an increase in the unemployment rate.

Cutting labour can impact the economy as there are more people unemployed and looking for jobs.

The fear stems from the thought that if machines such as CNC Bending become more prominent, with labour and conventional machinery becoming obsolete, then the need for manual skills will not be needed, increasing the chance of many people being unemployed and unable to find work.

This notion has been a fear ever since technology has started to develop. The conventional machines we see today were once the advanced technology of the past.

CNC Bending services aren’t cutting labour out of the industry but is rather allowing the labour to be able to work in other sectors of the business.

Fast Flame Profiling works every single day, night and day, with labour being an important part of the functioning of the business. They understand that CNC Bending services help in producing products, but labour is the backbone of any industry.

The Future Of CNC Technology

CNC Bending is already an advanced technology which is making manufacturing much more convenient, safer and more efficient.

In the past, a single machine which could be programmed to create high-quality identical products would have been seen as impossible and out of reach.

Today, CNC Bending services can be found in every major reputable manufacturing company, as it is benefitting the business and the consumer tenfold.

Specialised steel working is becoming a normal practice as it is much simpler to do than how it was in the past. On top of this, the time it takes to do these special steelworks has been cut down considerably.

3D Printing was the new technology in town and was thought to be the next big thing in terms of programmed manufacturing.

Today we see that 3D printing technology is being used actively in many industries as it is able to develop many products from virtually nothing.

CNC, however, is the latest advent which is taking many industries by storm as it is able to develop products and parts at a high rate and in a shorter amount of time.

Where specialised steel working using CNC machinery was, and still is to an extent, pricey the cost of these machines are coming down as the popularity of using such a convenient machine goes up.

Not only has their cost decreased but the programming and utilisation of the machine has also been made a lot more straightforward.

CNC Bending machines are also becoming smaller in size, increasing the convenience of buying such a durable and effective machine.

As time goes on, the price, size and functionality of the device will improve and will benefit the functions of a whole host of industries in a big way.

Fast Flame Profiling has been a leading metal and steel works company for a number of years. Their goal has always been to provide the best quality products, at a good price, in the quickest time and in the most streamlined way.

They understand that by using technology such as CNC Bending, their productivity is going to increase as well as their ability to work with more businesses, helping them get their jobs done in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

Two Things To Look For In A Supplier

Commitment to Quality Products

A supplier who wants to create the best high-quality products for your business is a supplier who is willing to do what it takes to ensure an efficient relationship.

Suppliers are a business and need to make a profit, however, if a supplier is focused more on how much they can squeeze out of you as opposed to how many high-quality products they can manufacture for you, then that supplier is not one you should be working with.

Timely Supply of Parts

Receiving your products in the shortest amount of time will allow you to get your job done.

A reliable supplier will work on manufacturing a product or part in the shortest time possible while also focusing on the quality of the product.

Fast Flame Profiling has been focused on decreasing production time while also making sure the quality doesn’t lack, using their CNC Bending they have found that this process is a lot easier.

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Fast Flame Profiling pride themselves in providing the best steel cutting and steelworks for your business. If you’re looking for top-quality steel services, then look no further. Contact Fast Flame Profiling for more information.


An Overview of Guillotine Sheet Metal Cutting

While there are plenty of approaches to cutting and shaping metal sheets, each different approach is generally used to arrive at a very specific objective.

CNC machines can be used for intricate details, plasma and laser cutting can be used for extreme accuracy and uniformity, and then of course, where sheet metal needs to be cut with the utmost accuracy and speed, there is always a need for fine finishes, uniformity and quick turnaround times. All of this can be done through guillotine sheet metal cutting.

While there is more than one way to cut steel, as it were, guillotining serves a very particular purpose in this regard.

But what exactly is it? How does guillotining work? What are the advantages of doing it? And how can you find a metal cutting company that you can trust to get it right?

Find out this and more, right here.

What is Guillotine Cutting?

Guillotine sheet metal cutting serves a very particular purpose. Much like the process of guillotining used in the printing industry to cut paper or card to a specific size and dimension with absolute accuracy, these machines can be used to shape metal sheets of various sizes, dimensions and scales.

Guillotines have become a staple for many different types of metalwork companies as an essential tool for meeting their clients’ needs and specifications.

Guillotining may be used as a single part of a metal-shaping process whereby it is prepared for the next step, or as a complete part of the process where sheets of metal need to be produced for any number of reasons.

By using a mechanised cutting machine that can guide the sheet with exact measurements and angles, these machines have come to fulfil one of the most important roles in metal shaping.

What are the Advantages of Guillotine Sheet Metal Cutting?

As a process for shaping metal, guillotine cutting provides a number of advantages when arriving at a clean, elegant finished product that meets the exact specifications of the client.

The advantages that can be cut from using guillotines to shape metal include much faster turnaround times than through other approaches, easy of operation, heightened accuracy, cost-saving as well as a much cleaner, more attractive finish on the workpiece.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits offered by guillotine sheet metal cutting:

Quicker Turnaround Times

One of the top advantages of metal cutting guillotines is that they can perform their tasks with incredible efficiency. Where sheets need to be cut to the exact same sizes, multiple sheets can be worked on at once by stacking them on top of each other.

This allows the workpieces to be completed in a much shorter time than through other methods of shaping and cutting; without sacrificing on the quality of the finished job.

These quicker turnaround times equate to more projects being completed in less time, which improves profit margins greatly, especially when there is a high demand for the finished product.

A Convenient & Simple Approach

Once the basics of operation are understood, using a metal cutting guillotine is actually quite simple to do. With an easy to navigate learning curve, just about anybody can operate one effectively with a little practice.

This shouldn’t take away from the added efficiency and effectiveness of those with plenty of experience when using a guillotine, however, whereby skill can be built through extensive use; such as is always the case when you use a metal profiling service to have it done.

Absolute Accuracy

One of the top advantages to guillotine sheet metal cutting is that work can be conducted with extreme accuracy. These machines feature exceptional guiding and measuring technology that can be adjusted and applied to each job being worked on.

This ensures that each and every cut, and all angles, no matter how obtuse, can be simply and precisely done using these machines; particularly when being operated by an experienced and skilled workman.

Minimise Wastage & Save Costs

There is a further benefit that is brought about through the abovementioned ones.

Heightened accuracy, the efficiency of the machine’s operation and how easy it is to use all mean that guillotining incurs less of a change of mistakes, which ultimately results in reduced wastage.

This means that far fewer resources and workpieces will be wasted on any given project, which means that, once again, guillotines are an excellent way to expand those profit margins through reduced profiling costs.

Get a Cleaner Finish

The last benefit on this list doubles up as the primary function for guillotine cutting. These machines have been designed specifically to produce clean, sheared and perfectly accurate cuts on sheets, which gives them the cleanest and smoothest possible finish.

The blades used for the process of cutting are designed to whittle through even the toughest alloys, and in the case of the machines used here at Fast Flame Profiling, carbon processed steel up to 12mm in thickness can even be cut to a perfectly fine finish; thanks to the carefully placed and sharpened blades, as well as the strength and pressure applied by the guillotine itself.

Safety Concerns When Using Sheet Metal Guillotines

With the details of its functions and advantages out of the way, you may be considering sourcing and operating your own metal sheet guillotine; which is perfectly viable if you need to use them consistently and for very specific purposes.

In such cases, however, you need to be aware of the potential dangers associated with misusing them, and how you can avoid injuries during their operation:

Always use Protective Equipment

In any situation where metal is being cut, there is a danger of injury; especially with regards to your eyes.

Since alloys are a tough material to work through, they are put under immense pressure when cut by a guillotine.

This may result in projectiles, which can cause severe injuries if they strike the operator while they are not wearing goggles.

Protective gloves are also a good idea.

Only EVER Use as Directed

Guillotine machines have a number of safety measures that are designed to protect the user during its operation.

The presence of extremely sharp blades, an obstructed view during operations and the amount of pressure applied by guillotines to cut metals makes it a risk to your appendages if the machine is not being used as directed by the manufacturer.

Because of this, you should only ever use these machines as directed.

Never rush and think every movement through carefully, and you will likely never suffer an injury (particularly to your hands) when operating them.

Tie Up Loose Hair & Clothing

Because of the point mentioned above, guillotines may present a risk of snagging or pulling if hair or clothing should get int the way during operation.

To avoid any damages as a result of this, all loose clothing and especially hair should be tied up neatly so as not to get int the way while operating the guillotine.

Only Use with Training

While steel sheet guillotines are remarkably easy to operate, they do require a bit of knowledge, especially where safety is concerned, before somebody can use it.

Because of this, it is essential to ensure that each operator has been given the right instruction and training before they use them.

It is also important to ensure that these operators understand the importance of using the machine properly, and if anything is unclear, they should be comfortable with getting clarification on those matters.

This will not only protect the operator from harm but will protect the condition of the guillotine itself. It will also ensure that no materials are wasted during use as a result of mistakes being made.

Should You Buy a Guillotine or Use a Service?

The next thing you should consider carefully is whether or not it would be beneficial for your business to get its own guillotine, or to rather use the guillotine sheet metal cutting services of a company that specialises in it.

There is no wrong answer here, the approach you choose will depend on the scale and frequency of your needs for guillotining, your budget, and your experience when using them.

For most instances, it is more efficient, effective and cost-effective to use the services of a specialised profiling company that has extensive experience, all the equipment needed and the ability to keep them maintained.

Remember that when sourcing your own guillotine, you will incur costs relating to its upkeep, you may also need training; all of this comes at an expense to you and your business.

If you aren’t prepared for this, are not in a position to pay these costs, or don’t have a consistent need for guillotining, it would be a much better idea to have a company handle the service for you.

How to Find the Right Service Provider

If you are making the choice to use a cutting service for guillotining, then your next question should be one that helps you find the right service provider.

There are, of course, a myriad of companies out there who can offer you guillotine cutting services, but not all of them will be able to give you the service that you need.

They may be understaffed, inexperienced, not have the equipment needed or could offer their service at a disproportional price.

To ensure that you don’t fall into the caltrop of siding with the wrong profiling business, you should ask yourself these questions when looking for one:

How Experienced are They?

Experience, in any industry, counts for a great deal. It can determine their price, the time it takes to complete the work, the quality of the finished project and their ability to provide the service according to your exact specifications.

To this end, it is a good idea to find a company that has enough experience, not just as a company, but with regards to the accumulated experience of everyone working within it, since quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are often the hallmarks of an experienced metal profiler.

What are their Customers Saying?

In this day and age, it is fairly easy to find out what a company’s clients think about their services. Between social media reviews and ratings on Google My Business, you can simply run an online search for the company in question to find out exactly what their previous and existing clients think about them.

The thing about reviews is that pretty much no company is ever awarded a perfect score, there will always be at least one or two customers who expected something more.

If the company in question has mostly positive reviews and just a few unhappy ones, they are likely still a good choice to go for.

If, however, their reviews are overwhelmingly negative, you should probably give them a wide birth.

Contact Fast Flame Profiling for Details

Here at Fast Flame Profiling, we offer a range of metal cutting and shaping services that have been specially designed to meet the exact requirements of our clientele. These services include everything from chamfering and de-coiling to laser, plasma and profile cutting.

Of course, we also offer specialised guillotine sheet metal cutting services that have been refined over years of experience and customer service excellence.

If you would like to know more about our offers and services for metal profiling, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Fast Flame Profiling today, or visit our website for further information on our offers and services.

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Fast Flame Profiling Operates 24/7 for your convenience

We opened doors in 1991 and offer one of the largest steel services in South Africa with a varied range of carbon and mainly locally produced stainless steel grades.

Our large 20 000 square meter facility enables us to specialize in laser cutting, high-definition plasma cutting, guillotining, Profiling, CNC bending, de-coiling, drilling and bevelling and constantly acquire superior equipment to keep up with demands. 

Laser cutting services produce high-quality products with perfect accuracy.

Services we have on offer

One of our services is steel plate chamfering for bucket lips and weld preps according to the customer’s needs. We have six bending machines; one is the largest in the southern hemisphere and is able to bend light sheet metal through to heavy plates. The steel drilling services are countersinking, tapping and nibbling on all grades of material. Our guillotine sheet metal cutting is maximum thickness processed in carbon steel at 12mm and maximum size of 3000 long of hot and cold rolled sheets.  The laser cutting and high-definition plasma cutting are done with accuracy to clients specifications.  Profile cutting is ideal for thicknesses over 25mm by one of our 5 flame cutting machines making this task quick and easy for our team to arrange.  We also offer decoiling and rolling services.

We are here to Assist your Business

Because we have been in business for almost 30 years and are one of the longest standing steel service centres in the country, we appreciate that clients have short deadlines for huge quantities; our factory is open and available 24/7 for your convenience. We have a team of 150 highly skilled personnel which enables us to offer the most varied blend of services to our customers.

You are welcome to call us here at Fast Flame Profiling and we will arrange for a representative to call on your company and discuss your requirements. 


What services does Fast Flame Profiling offer?

We offer a wide range of steel services, including laser cutting, high-definition plasma cutting, profile cutting, guillotining, CNC bending, drilling and chamfering.

What is the top benefit of laser cutting?

Laser steel cutting offers unparalleled accuracy and speed, producing steelworks with the highest-quality finishes.

What types of drilling services does Fast Flame Profiling provide?

Our team specialises in three different types of drilling services: namely, countersinking, tapping and nibbling. We offer these services in line with the specifications set out by our customers.

What is the maximum thickness that can be processed through profile cutting?

Our 5 flame cutting machines can process carbon steel sheets as thick as 30cm.

What is the maximum sheet size that can be processed with high-definition plasma cutting?

Our 3 high-definition plasma cutting machines can process and cut sheets as large as 13000mm x 3000mm.

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The Pitfalls of Inexperienced Steelworkers

For those who make steel products part of their living, the temptation to cut corners, so to speak, is great. Trying to limit your expenses by opting for steel services from an inexperienced team sounds beneficial on paper, but when put into practice, can actually work out to be disastrous.

So, if you were hoping to go with the ‘cheaper’ option, here’s why you should reconsider that approach, with a couple of common pitfalls associated with inexperienced steelworkers.

Patchwork, Makeshift Quality

When it comes to steelworks, the quality of a final product is almost directly related to the experience of the steel services team handling the job for you. Experience counts for a great deal in this regard, so where perfection is essential, it is best to leave the work in the hands of a capable company.

Unpredictable Turnaround Times

More often than not, steel profiling and cutting services do take time to complete, but you still need to have a solid idea of the project’s ETA if you are going to stick to your own deadlines. An inexperienced team will likely find complications here and there that push that date back even further, interrupting your own processes.

An experienced team can give you a good idea of how long a project will take to complete, and are also more likely to stick to that deadline

Raised Costs of Wastage

If going for the inexperienced team is your fastest route to saving on costs, think again. An inexperienced crew will likely make quite a few mistakes, which will not only raise turnaround times but may result in wastage. Wastage costs money, which could likely raise the price of the service they give you, regardless of the quality you get at the end.

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The Benefits of Laser Metal Cutting Services

There are plenty of ways to cut a sheet of metal, but very few of them offer the speed, precision and complexity of laser cutting machines. They have typically been used exclusively for industrial processes in the past, but as time moves forward and the tech needed to do so grows in availability, laser cutting has been used across all kinds of industries, and even simply by hobbyists.

But what exactly is laser cutting with regards to steel services, and how could the process benefit you?

What is Laser Cutting?

As the name would suggest, laser cutting uses a high-power laser to shape sheets of metal. By using a computer to plot a design, information is fed to the laser-output, which effectively cuts the material by melting, burning or vaporising it away.

Get More Precision

Laser cutting, since it is not reliant on tools and blades that gradually dull with use, offer exceptional precision thanks to the use of a laser. Furthermore, by using a computer to plot the design (much like in CNC machining), accuracy can be achieved when cutting, even down to the finest, minutest detail.

The Simplicity of Complex Shapes

Since the design is first rendered by a computer, laser cutting services offer the ability to create exceptionally complex shapes and finished products. This would only really be achievable using lasers, since the precision they offer is necessary for any detailed design.

Improved Turnaround Times

Thanks to the precision and simplicity offered by laser cutting machines, the process also offers much quicker completion times in comparison to other cutting methods, when conducted by an experienced cutter.

This means that orders are completed more quickly, giving you a finished product in less time, without sacrificing on quality or details.

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The What & Why of Chamfering Metals

Chamfering is often the final step of the process of steel profiling and cutting. It is a necessary step in most metalwork projects whereby a groove or furrow is created on the finished part, smoothing it into a particular angle.

More often than not, chamfering is conducted alongside deburring, which removes rough edges from the part that is being shaped.

Let’s take a look at why chamfering is a necessary part of the production process, and how it is conducted in steel services.

What is Chamfering?

Chamfering involves the use of a chamfering machine to shave the workpiece down, generally shaping its edges to a 45-degree angle, at a depth of around 1/8 inches.

These measurements are not set in stone, however, and will depend on the specifications for the final product, and how it is intended to be handled and used.

Additionally, chamfering can sometimes be done by hand, but doing so often lacks the efficiency, consistency and precision offered by a machine.

Why Chamfering is Important in Steelworks

There are a number of reasons why chamfering is important. Beyond giving a polished, detailed sense of style to a finished workpiece, chamfering also renders the finished object a little safer to handle.

This is because the process removes and smooths sharp edges on the object being worked on, to a particular angle, so that they pose no risk of snagging or cutting when being handled or used.

While chamfering offers this practical functionality, the process can be finished off for aesthetics using a process of deburring. Using this process, the finished work has the chamfered angle smoothed out to remove any visible rough surfaces.

Contact Fast Flame Profiling for Details on our Services

Here at Fast Flame Profiling, we offer specialised steel profiling and cutting services that meet the exact requirements and specifications of our customers. If you would like to know more about using our services, be sure to get into contact with one of our representatives today, or visit our website for details on our offers.



The Difference Between Plasma & Flame Cutting

It is often wandered what the differences between flame cutting and plasma cutting is. In the below paragraphs we will have a look at both methods.

Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is a method of thermal cutting using oxygen and fuel to create flames with enough energy to melt material. The use of the fuel and oxygen in this process is often referred to as “oxyfuel cutting”. Flame cutting uses natural flame to warm up the material to its required temperature. When the material is heated, the operator will then press a lever that releases another steam of oxygen to the flame. This is to sever the material and blow the molten metal away.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is also a thermal cutting process. However, unlike flame cutting, it utilizes an electrical arc to heat gas to form plasma used to cut the material. The work is made to be part of an electrical circuit with the torch using a grounding clamp. A variety of gases can be used for this process, and the best depends on the material that is being cut.

Visit Fast Flame Profiling for plasma and flame cutting services

While both plasma cutting and flame cutting have their place, when working with stainless steel or aluminum you will want to choose plasma cutting. Fast Flame Profiling specializes in a wide range of steel cutting solutions, visit our website for more information on our professional services and enquire online for a quotation today!


The Benefits of Countersinking

What is countersinking?

Countersinking is a practice of fabrication that creates a coned-shaped hole in order to allow a bolt, screw or rivet in. This is done so that the device inserted sits flush with the rest of the metal, and the sink is created in the hole that is made.

The result of countersinking is similar to the method of standard screw opening. For example, the way the hole is cut is the same and there is only one great difference; the top of the opening, a specific piece cuts a bigger hole and this is what allows the screw to sit even with the surface.

The benefits of countersinking

Countersinking offers a range of benefits. Firstly, it allows manufacturers to create smoother finishes to their fabricated products without the top of the screws sticking out. This does not only improve the appearance of the finished product, but also offers structural advantages. With a flush fastener, the screws are covered and protected increasing their structural lifetime.

Another advantage of the countersinking method is that is prevents exposing harsh corners. When cutting the hole, the sharper the angle of the cut, the sharper the edge will be. The cone-shaped hole created by this method created a wider angle, resulting in minimal sharpness.

Through the countersinking process, another feature is that the materials


Are you looking for countersinking services?

Here at Fast Flame Profiling, we have an expert team of individuals specializing in a wide range of steel solutions including CNC bending, plasma cutting, steel drilling and more! Visit our website and find out more information on our services and enquire online today.

Greater precision and a cleaner cut

Laser cutting is a precise method of cutting steel, which involves a focused beam of laser light that melts burns or vaporizes metals. It is able to achieve precise cuts with a quality finish. When it comes to precise methods for cutting steel, laser cutting cannot happen. The process involves a focused beam of laser light that will burn or vaporize metals. Through the process of computer numerical control (CNC) machining, laser cutters are capable of producing intricate and precise cuts with a quality finish.
What is good about laser cutting?
Minimum distortion: the levels of precision and the quality of the edges achieved in steel plates up to 25 mm thick with laser cutting machines are superior to traditional cutting methods, since the laser beam will not wear out during the process Laser cutting.

Economical use of the material: laser cutting machines will allow narrow cuts and closed nesting, ensuring the efficiency of the material and reducing product waste.

 Computer generated: the entire process is monitored by the computer program, which not only makes the cut extremely accurate, but its algorithm ensures that the machine is not overloaded with work

Work smarter, not harder: using a laser cutting machine uses lower energy consumption, which reduces production costs.

No contact process: the laser beam never touches the metal plate with which it works. It melts and cuts through the heat of the beam. Damage to the plate is minimized, with smooth edges and little groove.

Versatile: laser cutting machines are incredibly versatile, no matter how complex or complex your design. It can be used to record anything from simple shapes to highly complex designs in one piece. Laser cutting also allows machine operators to cut small diameter holes with multi-part details and smooth edge quality in the sheet, plate, tube or box section.


Fast and easy to repeat: the production time is fast and with a reduced time for configuration, the machine has the ability to react or adapt quickly to changes in production needs


Why is there a need for laser cutting?

With the demand for innovative manufacturing and production processes worldwide rapidly increasing, the need for safer and more efficient cutting techniques also increased.


Laser Cutting Services are designed to produce products of the highest quality and provides us with the ability to work with the utmost accuracy.


Fast Flame Profiling has been in business for almost 30 years, making us one of the longest standing steel service centers in the country and as such becomes the best option for laser cutting services.